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One of those days: quarterlights
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So, I'm painting the herald and stripping here down as I go, took the boot off yesterday and sheared a bolt off each hinge and today was looking at the quarterlight for the drivers door and thought "hmm it will be easier to paint if I undo the bolt and see if I can get the window out" - oops, sprayed liberally with penetrating oil etc, wait , apply spanner - snap   so anyone know if I can get the rest out and whether there is another bolt I can use or do I start trawling the scrappies for viable ones ?
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It's not a simple bolt, unfortunately. Imagine a bole that instead of a hex head, it has a flat plate at the end, welded on at an angle. This plate sits in the glass frame, underneath the quarterlight glass and glazing seal. To replace it you will need to remove the glass and go in from above.
Making the pivot itself is simple enough with a donr bolt and a strip of mild steel - you will also need to grind a flat in the threaded portion of the bolt.
Installing it is a whole can of worms...


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Triumph Torque    Cars    Herald/Vitesse  ›  One of those days: quarterlights

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