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Club Triumph 2012 Mini Series


For 2012 we will continue to run a mini-series of Autosolos. The objective is to encourage Club Triumph members to take part in Autosolos and have some fun. The Series will again be simple to understand, the aim being to make it possible for any CT member to do well.


We will present a list of events to choose from, these being organised throughout the UK by regional motor clubs. It is hoped that the events will be spread throughout the geographical area of the Club; however for the second year running most of the events will be situated in the Midlands to South area, and moving across towards the West. Club Triumph will nominate the events that are part of the series, and then once each Autosolo event is announced by the organising Club we will forward the entry announcement to registered participants. It will be up to each individual to enter the Autosolo and gain a place. CT will not do this for the entrant. The entrants’ final scores will be taken from their best 5 results. We are still working on the list of events at present as some clubs have not decided upon their 2012 Calendar as yet. However the series will include Club Triumph, Oxford Motor Club, Sevenoaks and District Motor Club, Bristol Motor Club, Ross and District Motor Club and the Civil Service Motoring Association events. The events will all be on sealed surfaces such as asphalt or concrete and consist of driving around cones in order as designated by numbers positioned upon the cones. Please be aware that if one does say 4 or 5 events in one year, they may well need a set of tyres at the end of the year!

For the 2012 series we will limit the numbers to 30 CT members. This will include events reports, series updates and driver profiles. The Club will award a trophy to the most successful series entrant, this being awarded at the CT dinner of the following year. It will be up to the entrant to pay their own entry fees and any club membership that may be necessary, however for most of the events, membership of CT will be sufficient.

Rules and Points

All participants of the series must be members of Club Triumph. The rules for each event will be those set by the organising club. Within the series, CT will make an allowance for ‘novice’ and ‘expert’ entrants and will take a percentage deduction from all times to even the scoring and therefore make the series more interesting. These percentage deductions will be dependant on the duration of a test and may be varied during the series; initially the deduction will be 5%. A novice will be classified as someone who has only previously taken part in up to two Autosolo events. Novice status will last for one year. Therefore it is hoped that it will be possible for any CT member to win the series. Once one has taken part it will be up to the individual to let the CT series co-ordinators know their finish position amongst the CT entrants who have entered this series and to forward the results sheet that the organising club has sent out. Nearly all clubs send out the results/score sheet as an excel spreadsheet. Remember that in all the events not organised by CT, we will probably all be grouped into one class, usually denoted as the ‘Historic’ class. However, when taking the points from the CT event we will base the points on overall positions, not class positions.

Ideally we would like to use 10 nominated events from which the best 5 scores will be taken. Points will be awarded to the top 10 CT finishers on any event and will be awarded as follows:

1st: 10pts, 2nd: 9pts, 3rd:8pts, 4th 7pts, 5th: 6pts, 6th:5pts, 7th:4pts, 8th:3pts, 9th: 2pts, 10th:1pt.

Vehicle Eligibility

An entrant may use more then one vehicle; all cars entered must be of Triumph, Standard or Bond manufacture or a special using a recognised Triumph chassis. Modified cars are acceptable. It is important to note that nearly all Autosolos are run on the basis that cars taking part are road legal and driven to events, the exception being the Club Triumph Historic event set for July; this has a class for ‘Competition’ cars. This ‘road legal’ ruling is always enforced by organising Clubs and at the very least they will want to see a current MOT certificate for the entered vehicle.

I will ask members who want to take part to register before 29/02/12. Registration will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Remember that this is not supposed to be the Formula One World Championship; it will be run and co-ordinated on an open minded basis. The Series will be co-ordinated by Joe Welling and me, should you have any questions, please via email @ or telephone 07904184005.

To enter this established and friendly form of motorsport please send the following details to CT Mini Series, 46 Stanstrete Field, Great Notley Garden Village, Essex, CM77 7WP or at the above email address.





Car(s) to be used:

To compile the profiles of entrants just a few snap shots of who you are, what your favourite CT event of 2011 was (tell a story) and finally pictures of entrant and car. (Sent separately by email)

Profiles for the Mini-series will appear on the Club Triumph website in the new year.