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For the safety fo yourself and others and your enjoyment you need to prepare your car properly for the day



You could be liable for damage or injury caused by your car if it is unsafe for use on the circuit





A track day is an opportunity to drive your car as fast as you feel comfortable and explore what it and you can do in a safe environment. During the day your car will be driven harder and faster than it is ever driven on the road.  It is a serious activity so it is important to prepare the car properly for the day. The following list includes most of the points you will need to consider but it is not exhaustive. Your car will not be scrutineered, but you are required to sign an indemnity saying you have covered the safety points in the list below.  This is also a requirement of the circuit.  





Before leaving home



·         Towing eyes or points visible front and back



·         Seatbelts fully functional, if fitted.  CT strongly recommends seat belts are fitted



·         Steering fully functional



·         Brakes fully functional and with sufficient pad material



·         Brake fluid <2 years old (Old fluid will boil more easily and lead to brake fade)



·         Tyres (at least 3mm tread)



·         Spare tyre in good condition and at correct pressure



·         Door locks fully functional



·         Lights, indicators, hazard warning lights (if fitted), wipers and demister fully functional



·         Throttle return springs not sticking



·         Nothing loose (e.g. seats, exhaust pipes, batteries or bodywork)



·         No significant fluid leaks



·         Exhaust efficiency and stability



·         All fluid levels checked, caps and plugs replaced



·         Driving licence



·         Helmet(s) (if not provided by circuit)



·         Clothing (long sleeves and trousers)



At the Circuit



·         Wheel nuts tightened



·         All fluid levels rechecked, caps and plugs replaced



·         Car fuelled. i.e. Full (you'll need it!)



·         Loose articles removed/secured



·         Tyre pressures increased for higher speed



·         Windscreen and windows cleaned, mirrors correctly adjusted



·         Tape over lights.